You finally quit dieting!

After way too many failed diets and even more days of hating yourself, you finally put an end to the dieting madness and took a chance on trusting your body.

After all the years of...

  • yo-yo dieting,
  • hating your body,
  • feeling completely out of control around food and
  • shaming yourself into exhaustion,

you finally said enough was enough.

You Actually Started Feeling Pretty Good!

You did everything you were supposed to...

  • Unfollowed all the diet & fitspo accounts on Instagram
  • Threw out the scale
  • Read as much as you possibly could about intuitive eating and body image
  • Started practicing unconditional permission with food, even when it was hard and all the fears kicked in

Finally, intuitive eating started to feel like the thing that would actually stick.

But then what happens?

It Gets Hard...

Without dieting as a distraction, you start craving that control again. You still don't have the things you were looking for from dieting, like community, support, and a sense of stability in your life. 

You've given up your life-long hobby, and now you're alone on this brand new journey, wondering if you're doing anything right.

You fall down the rabbit hole of second-guessing...

Am I sure I can trust my body?

What if it doesn’t work for ME?

Am I doing this right?

What if I'll never be happy?  

You’re looking for answers everywhere but even with all the pages you follow, there’s nowhere you can go for support that matters to YOU when you need it most.

What's the problem?

You gave up dieting to start radically trusting your body, and yet this journey somehow feels more isolating. 
How are you supposed to keep trusting your body when all of your friends and family are still obsessing about weight loss??
I know this can feel scary, but going back to dieting is not the answer (and you know it!). The food freedom path just feels right, and you are DETERMINED to find that freedom once and for all! 
You just need a place where you can go for some help with all this.

(Hint: Club TYB)

You Need a
Support System!

Ah, the beautiful age of the internet, where we can be in touch with anyone, including those who are on the same journey as we are! In Club TYB, I am bringing professional support and community together in one place. 

Club TYB is simple... it's a membership site where I will answer your questions in live Q&A's every month, and you'll have the chance to connect with people who are on this journey with you. 

In case you don’t know my story….

I grew up with the perfect storm of being in a bigger body, experiencing family traumas at a young age, and looking for a way to cope. Food was the answer, followed by years of obsessive dieting to "fix" my "problem" with food. 

It wasn't until I became a Registered Dietitian when I realized that my obsession with health was not healthy at all, and was the CAUSE of my binge eating. So I did the thing that scared me the most - I quit dieting and threw myself into recovery.

It was through this journey that I realized I wanted to help people heal in the way I had. Learning to trust myself has radically transformed every area of life, from relationships to confidence, and even in my business. All I want is for you all to experience the kind of freedom that I found through healing.

What is club TYB?

Club TYB is an online support group and Q&A archive where members get:

  • Live bi-monthly video Q&A's with me
  • An archive of old Q&A answers (uploaded after the live sessions)
  • A Facebook group community exclusively for Club TYB members
  • VIP access to me, including discounts on future retreats, courses, and E-books

AND as a launch member...

You will be part of the growth and development of this membership site, with an opportunity to provide feedback and let me know how I can better serve you as this grows.


How it works:

Live Q&A’s will happen every other Wednesday at 12pm PST (Q&A times are subject to change). If you can't attend the call, no worries!  All answers will be recorded and uploaded to the membership site by category so you can watch answers to any of the videos. Members will have an opportunity between Q&A calls to submit your personal questions to be answered.

Who it’s for:

People who are continuing on their food freedom, body image healing, and self-worth journeys (either alone or with professional guidance) and want extra support from me and an online community. This is a place where you can ask your most confusing or personal questions and be surrounded by people who are all on a similar journey to you.

*Who it’s not for:

If you’re still dieting, or brand new to intuitive eating and have no foundation for this work. I will be releasing an affordable, self-paced course to help you transition from dieting to intuitive eating soon, and then you are more than welcome to join Club TYB from there!

*Club TYB is not a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice and is not suitable for people new to diet recovery or ED recovery. This group is not for anyone newly diagnosed with an ED (in the past 6 months or year) or currently engaging in ED self-harm behaviors. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please visit to find an eating disorder specialist near you.

AND, memberships are only $19/month

$19/month (less than $5 a week) or $199 for the year.


The cart will be closed

On June 25th, when the Club TYB cart closes, we won't be opening it again for another two months! This round is kind of a beta test. I want to make sure that when I open the cart again, that Club TYB will be perfect!

So make sure you jump in while it is open, and sign up now!


AND, if you join by June 25th...

I am giving you a bonus!









And I am giving you a bonus...

Purchase before the 25th, you will get a bonus 5-week live course!

This course is what I like to call the 5 Pillars of Food Freedom. I'm offering this course so we can make sure we're all on the same page going into the membership site. It'll be helpful no matter where you're at on your journey, because sometimes we need a refresher on the basics of food freedom!

Become a
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Joining now officially makes you a Club TYB launch member. You will be here since the VERY beginning, watching the club grow and flourish! And remember, this will be the last time you can join for at least 2 months, so you don't want to miss this opportunity. 

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Cart closes at midnight on June 25th! Purchase by the deadline and receive a 5-week live bonus course, and launch member status!


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